The idea for Small Batch stemmed from one of our favorite drinks. A small batch whiskey originates from its own time honored recipe and graces the palate of a true connoisseur. As the name suggests, “small batch” whiskeys are made in limited quantities and are testaments to the work that has gone into each handcrafted bottle.”

After pondering this definition, it occurred to the SB team that what it means for something to be considered “small batch” doesn’t just limit itself to whiskey. Anything made for the true connoisseur, in limited quantities, with fine attention to detail can be considered “small batch”. We set out to find what other brands would fall under this category. Upon further investigation, we discovered something very unique about these “small batch” brands; for them it isn’t just about the sale. They have created a culture around themselves that is about more than just a product, and as filmmakers, we saw a story that needed to be told.

The “take away show” aspect quickly became a large piece when we realized that music seemed to be the largest part of the culture surrounding these brands. Each artist is carefully hand picked as someone who also would be considered “small batch”. The sounds that truly stick out, created by the few and far between, meant for the extra special listener.